It’s over.

The migration was a success….Archives and such are working just fine again.

As for my day?  Two interviews on Monday..and I finally ditched the long hair for good.  It’s bedtime for me now.

Good night all.


~ by maximkovalenko on July 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “It’s over.”

  1. So what exactly happened? I’ve been so out of it lately….

    And incidentally…..a little warning next time man, I couldn’t even recognize you on the MySpace pic. But it works!

  2. Spiderforest and all of it’s subdomains ended up having to migrate after a shift in our hosting provider.

    I had everything backed up, but the PHP backend that handles page generation and the archives had to be rebuilt because of the new folder structure at our host, which meant we were borken for a couple of days.

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