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read this

Number 1 it does work…and it looks pretty damn good too

Follow the directions on the tutorial, then export it a 1024*1024 texture map…do it as a jpeg or a bitmap…export the terrain as a .obj

Then import the obj in to Carrara and it works perfect

One caveat….go into your Bryce texture editor and make sure it looks good on the flattened terrain first of course.

Hope this helps…I’ve tested it out on two stone textures so far and it’s worked perfect
I didnt have such good luck with water…but there are other things we can do on that score.

Oh and I just got done testing this out with the Mediterranean Hills Preset from Bryce 5 on C5 terrain…and it works great…none of that pixelated junk we were running into before.

Okay…one final note.  All of this conversion is gonna leave a mess of jpegs/bmp files left over.  These are going to be needed for each shader that you use in C5.  My advice is to setup a folder in your carrara Mats to dump these into.  Make sure of course that you name each terrain something different so things don’t screw up.

Okay…I’m done for the night


~ by maximkovalenko on July 25, 2006.

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