Placed here for future reference….

The idea that Windows XP will only address up to 2 gigs of virtual memory, no matter how much is on your machine is an idea I find to be infuriating.  Oh, XP can be hacked to allow more certainly…but if you have let’s say 4 gigs of  Virtual RAM in computer…it should be able to actually use it.  It’s a rare occasion that anyone would actually need it…but I know that I have had renders cut short because of suddenly running out of RAM (and I have two gigs of physical memory and a 4 gig page file setup.)

The three gig startup switch, how to set it…and how to cover your self if something messes up with it.

It’s not something that will get used much I think…at least not now…but when I upgrade to a 4 gig machine someday, I will have to hack this in order to handle some very large scenes.


~ by maximkovalenko on July 30, 2006.

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