a comic commentary….with a spoiler.

There is nothing harder than writing the marriage proposal of two main characters in your comic….especially when you are going through a divorce.  It’s neccessary…the characters have been heading towards this point for a long time.  And they do end up married in the story…but in a lot of ways it is a mind job, nonetheless.

At any rate, the comic appears on August 10th, 2006

The engagement of Ian Caladharas and Julia Wells.   It’s an important moment….a very important moment….I just hope I didn’t fuck it up.


~ by maximkovalenko on August 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “a comic commentary….with a spoiler.”

  1. ugh, i’m sorry to hear that. i didn’t know you were in that situation right now. that’s a rough book. i’d give you some platitudes about it getting better, but i don’t know the situation. however, art/music/whatever, always seems to be the most inspired when the artist’s personal situation is the toughest, right? 🙂 at least that’s something.


  2. That’s what is kinda blowing my mind right now…I think I went about 4 months just feeling absolutely concussed. I haven’t felt that mentally fucked up since somebody rang a lead pipe off the back of my head back when I was 13. I was still managing one comic a day…sometimes by the skin of my teeth, but I was manageing it.

    One thing I can say, is that I think I am coming out of my mental fugue…This weeks comic run (leading up to the engagement) was done in one day. 5, 3 panel comics…cleanup postwork, dialog, everything. So having things be absolutely shit right now may have something to do with it.;)

    Though I got to say that stress induced creativity absolutely sucks…;)

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