happenings, and late night thoughts.

Job interview this Thursday at 3PM.  Another position that I would definitely love to have.  It’s a support position for a big consulting/accountancy firm called “Crowe Chizek” here in town.

My luck is bound to improve now, especially since I some how managed to mess up my upper back and neck yesterday.  I have no clue as to what I did that caused it either. I was in such bad shape than when I hoofed it down to the bank today to take care of some business…the people in the place mistook utter agony for killing, murderous rage.  I can’t fucking win, I swear.

 Got another piece done for an upcoming print today as well….I think that would especially like this one.  (http://requiemcomic.googlepages.com/Ena.jpg)  One thing that I most definitely have noticed is a definite improvement in my artwork during the time I tookoff from the comic.  I’m still pretty burnt out right now…but I’m finally seeing things again in my head. 

Overall though, I am still in the same place I was months ago…though now the end is finally in sight.  The apartment is done at the end of this month.  While I have myself lined up for a place to live…my soon to be ex still doesn’t have a thing.  I find it hard to care too much right now, though.  Right now, after all of this mess….it is my most urgent hope to never see her again.

Overall though, through a fortuitous set of circumstances…I am mostly going to end up okay.  It most certainly could have ended up worse than it has.  Now if that “lack of job thing” could just get resolved it would all be okay. 🙂


~ by maximkovalenko on September 6, 2006.

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