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Finally.  On the heels of finally knocking out Abandoned…I managed to get what I think is the definitive print version of “Women: Julia Wells”.  This one was another nightmare to get correct.  Lighting was really the issue here….that and a problem with shadows around the eyes. At any rate, the preview for this one is behind a LJ cut…and I would really like opinions about this. , if you catch this…I’d like to have your commentary as well.  I know Julia Wells is one of your favorite characters in this story, and I want to make sure I do her justice.

~ by maximkovalenko on September 10, 2006.

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  1. I like it.

    But can I have your permission to try something and put it up for you and Jai to see in closed filter?

    If you give me such, expect to see a product sometime late tomorrow.


    Beautiful work.

  2. okay….im cool with it on a closed filter

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