late night art

How come needed postwork only seems to show up when you have an image at 6000*9000 pixels in size?

God….what a chore….

And I still have to do the comic for Monday too yet.  Im at 83% and counting right now, and I don’t know whetherI should stop this and rerender this tomorrow…or postwork the thing from the finshed image.  It’s an absolutely frustrating thing.

A lot of this thing took a whole hell of a lot longer than I thought it was going to.  Part of the problem was rendering hair…the other problem was a grandfather clock with a glass paneled door in it’s front.  I ended up dealing with about three multiple reflections per object based on the angle of the light and the glass.

The other problem is that there are actual flaws in the model that are only showing up at this kind of intense clear magnification.  In a normal situation, you would never notice them….However at the type of resolution I am dealing with for print work, errors in the polygon mesh are actually showing up (for ‘s information…I’m seeing errors in the polygon mesh of Victoria 3’s hands.)

87% and counting right now…and I think I’m gonna say to hell with it and try to “fix it in the mix”

Argh…and further more, argh again.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 11, 2006.

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