…now I lay me down to snore.

Tired as hell…have Renderosity commitments due in 48 hours, plus my regular art load.  My vision is getting fuzzy and the nicotine is doing an absolutely rotten job of keeping me awake.

And now here I am, like a complete and total idiot…dealing with an idea that just popped into my head for an unassociated piece of art, and a story idea for a short story collection that somebody is working on putting together. As for the story idea, I’m thinking of dealing with the Drowned Cathedral…those of you who have been following some of my stuff know what I’m talking about.  As for the art?  I’m still chasing that thread:  but my inner eyes keep seeing a picture of an angel standing in the water. If there is one thing I miss about leaving Bryce for Carrara it’s the water.  It always seemed to methat Bryce did water textures easier, and far cooler than anything else.  It may have not been realistic all the time, but it sure as hell looked neat.

At any rate,  I’m running the cloth simulation on it right now…I figure that would be safe enough to do before I go to bed.

 When my muse came back, it came back full tilt it seems.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 15, 2006.

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