“And I will write her name and cast it to the sky “

I never thought I would end  up talking about dating in a comic…in my own defense though I wil say it was just something that came out.  I think it came out right….but when it’s your own work it is a bit of a problem judging.

It seems like everybody is having problems with everything these days.  I honestly cant remember the time I last had 5 chat wondows open at once on trillian…count tonight as a first I think.

Chain smoking cigarettes and not even feeling it…mind running at about 220v right now.

My mind has been turning a lot to HP Lovecraft lately…mainly “Rats in the Walls“, “The Shadow Out of Time“, and “The Outsider“.  A lot of underground imagery mainly.  I keep thinking of the underlevels of Exham Priory and valleys carpeted with bones.  The question is how to build something like that and make it look right.  Unfortunately I don’t have the resources that WETA has 😉

The other idea is how to convincingly make a figure look like it has materialized within 3d program. 

My mind works strangely at times.

Oh and Nemtet? The Great Library is coming.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 18, 2006.

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