working working working

Bought Wardrobe Wizard today…I am already doing some test runs with it, and it will be definitely going into the production line here soon. 🙂

Tunnelrunners is done for Monday….comics for Sunday are in the pipeline right now.

Cruxshadows on the iPod right now…media center computer is in pieces right now so it can be moved tomorrow.  I’m on the my workhorse right now, while Wardrobe Wizard percolates in the background.  There are some limitations to it, but what it does with careful planning it does remarkably well.  Of course the one thing you are limited to is the quality of the model…the better it is, the better the import.  It’s something that I am gonna have to play around with mosr definitely.  So far though it is definitely worth it.

Half ass drizzle and cold wind outside the window right now, the tail end of September is doing it’s best November impersonation right now.  Everything mapped out and squared away for the most part…except for the big things that never get resolved, they just get dealt with.

Back to work, I need soda.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 24, 2006.

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