FYI…The limits

?  Even Carrara freaks out when you are trying to render a scene with 4 Victoria 3 figures in it.

What we are talking about right now is a 392mb PZ3 with 4 V3’s and background scenery (The DM Tomb) plus bed.  Memory allocation errors left and right, and it is only completable if you sever the link to the original Poser file on the import.  It is unrenderable in Poser 6 even using the P4 render engine and 2 gigs of RAM on the machine.

You were asking about the limit of what Carrara can handle?  I think this is about it.

The most figures I ever got to successfully render out in Carrara was a scene consisting of an S3, M3, V3, a Don, a Judy, a fairly low polygon robot, being done on the BMC Cloisters set.  I think the only reason I got away from it was because the S3 was a unimesh figure (like Aiko 3) and the the fact that I had a couple of the old P5 figures in there (which were originally of RDNA manufacture and probably less polygons combined than a single Millenium figure)

Now results may change dramitically once we endup stepping into a 64bit system.  The memory problems will be gone for the most part (at least until we start getting brave and stacking things in a scene because we can again)

I haven’t made any tests of this thing in DAZ Studio,,,,I more than likely won’t either.  You know why.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 9, 2006.

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