Updating, polishing, and overall engaging in sleep deprivation.

Archives and notes section are updated..NIN on the ipod, cat quietly sleeping.

Night all.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “528”

  1. Good to hear from you…I was starting to get a bit worried to tell you the truth. (Though I was wondering if it had gotten eaten by Myspace gremlins again 😉 Got you added though…hopefully you will catch it 🙂

    Things have gotten stabilised a little bit…I’m finally out and away at any rate. Keeping my fingers crossed on something that could solve a great deal of problems

    Email for me is requiemcomic at gmail.com

  2. No, believe it or not, I got threatened to be fired because I posted that picture of the protesters outside the courthouse and said, and I quote, “Michael Dvorak is a fuck.” I got all called on the carpet and humililated because they were spying on me, apparently. Also, they were mad that I said the people who sang outside my building were usually shitty, because, I am not making this up, “1st source bank sponsors those singers, and 1st source bank is one of our clients and they might see it and get offended.” Seriously. It was “intimated” in a meeting with the partners that I should be “gotten rid of” but Charlie decided to throw me this big bone and let me stick around. Bleh. Needless to say I don’t feel like my position is all that secure if stating an opinion about a politician ON MY OWN WEBSITE will make them threaten to fire me, so I’m on the lookout, covertly of course, for something else, as soon as possible. Funk dat! Also, the thought of the partners calling a meeting to discuss and peruse my myspace is so humiliating to me that I wanted to just melt into a puddle and die. But what am I gonna do? I can’t exactly walk out, although believe me, that’s exactly what I wanted to do! So I had to delete the account, etc. The new one I made is private and I’m only adding a few people that I actually know, so hopefully I’ll be safe. Also, I’m not writing anything from work anymore. But what’s fucky is, they weren’t mad that I was doing it FROM WORK, they didn’t have a problem with that, in fact. They had a problem with WHAT I was saying, which is just so 1984 and awful. His actual quote to me was “If you intend to stand up for your first ammendment rights, find a different job.” Uh.. ok. It’s kind of an uneducated thing to say on multiple levels, but whatever, it’s still fucky! ANd seeing as how the picture I had posted said something like “You have no civil rights in St. Joe county” or similar, I’ve just gotta say- the irony, it burns! It burns!

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