to do list…

Comics are done…and more knowledge from the Deep Scaled Ones.

New culture, new philosophy.  I really need to get off my hind end and put together a glossary for Requiem…plus a chapter by chapter synopsis as well.  It’s really getting to be a necessity with it getting close to 800 comics here soon.

What else needs to be done?  Too much actually..everything is in limbo still…those who know me, know why.

Need to come up with a good Halloween strip for Tunnelrunners too…there is an idea back there…I just hope it is worth a dang.  My cat has finally settled in for the night, and the house is silent except for John Powell soundtrack music on the iPod

Need a lot of quiet, need empty reefs and water…need a lot of things that aint gonna happen.  But most of all, though…right now I need silence.

Scratch that…right now, I think I need a new fucking MS Wireless Desktop Elite has been getting really flaky as of late…

If anybody out there can recommend a good keyboard/mouse combo for somebody who really hammers their fucking keyboard keys.  Give me a buzz…Since it is gona be plugged into my laptop, it has to be USB capable, otherwise I couldn’t care less what brand it is. It just needs to be a tank.


~ by maximkovalenko on October 27, 2006.

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