Sick right now…running more than a bit of a fever as well..  Trying to get through the fog in my brain and put down the dialog for Sundays comic.  The fog keeps on getting a little thicker by the hour 😉

Been playing round with Windows XP shell replacements for a bit of a change on things.  From what I can tell, Litestep with the GO!3 theme on it is a good bet.  With the way it’s set up, plus the fact that it displays active system info at the bottom of the theme, it pretty much makes yz dock obsolete for my purposes.  It’s all glossy/carbon fiber black with good text contrast for easy readability in the shell.  And it’s fairly low profile as well.

Did some tests with Vue on the new rig in regards to the Poser Material problem, …and while it does render them, I am having the same problems with crashing and instability as I always have been. 

And as always, England prevails.


~ by maximkovalenko on June 23, 2007.

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