On the state of 3d…

Requiem is done for tomorrow, and Tunnelrunners is done for the Renderosity strip on Monday…

And now on to other art things…

The 3d content war is continuing a pace with the battle lines being drawn even as we speak.  On one side we have DAZ Studios with a huge content library, and the software catalog from Eovia under it’s belt.  On the other we have E-Frontier with Poser 7 and Vue d’Esprit.

I have been watching things with a great deal of interest the last few weeks after noticing that several things that were being rendered/imported into Poser used almost double the RAM as the exact same items being used in DAZ Studio.  Now most people wouldn’t call that too much of an issue, but when the size differential is 750 megs vs. 1.5-1.6 gigs, I say that there is a fucking issue.

Now tonight, I found out that the new Poser 7 breaks the Transposer plugin that Carrara 5 uses.  Transposer is what causes Requiem to be possible.  Without it, I am screwed.  Now things may end up being fixed with the advent of Carrara 6 which is right around the corner, but with the recent news that Eovia Software (the people that make Carrara) didn’t end up licensing the SDK development pack from the Poser people for C6, I am more thna a bit nervous right now. 

From my perspective, it seems that E-Frontier is banking their marbles on Vue…which I think is a piece of shit.

I’ve ran Vue 5 and Vue 6 and have had nothing but problems.  Multiple program crashes, excessive memory use, and crippling performance have been pretty much all I have noticed on their end.  I don’t care that LucasFilms is now using Vue in the production arena, what matters is what I can get out of it.

So far though, it is looking to me that an upgrade to Poser 7 will not happen for me unless C6 can handle it.  And I am looking at DAZ with a bit of uncertainty with regards to C6 as well…DAZ owns Bryce as well these days, and I am not entirely enamored with it (especially Bryce 5.5 which I bought and found to suck).

That’s the state of the production line these days at any rate,  Carrara 5 Pro and Poser 6; and it looks like it will be staying that way for a while.


~ by maximkovalenko on July 15, 2007.

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