I thought I was going to scream for a while.

Spent three fucking hours on one panel for the revamped comics that kept crashing on me over and over in the same damn spot.  Had to do some major tweaking of things to get it fixed, too.  I managed it.

New job starts Monday as well….things are mellow over here…taking a little bit of time off from doing much of anything…being solitary and relaxed for the most part.  The Mighty Misfit is better after her health scare of a little while back.  However, she has developed a deep seated resentment of having her jaws pried open in order to be given her medication.  On this, I can’t blame her in the least. 

My fingers are also pleased to report that Missy’s teeth are still as sharp as they ever were.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on a number of other things as well.  If things work out like I hope, I will have attained one of the things that I have wanted my entire life.  More on that to come…

~ by maximkovalenko on August 22, 2007.

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