“And I’m talking to myself at night
Because I can’t forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette”

Tired…very very tired right now.  Having trouble lifting my glass of soda right now, even.

Had a meeting with a local consulting firm about some stuff today, hopefully things could be promising in the future…Don’t know how everything is going to shake out with it, though.  My mind is more than a little bit fried out right now.

Current job is pounding me into the ground, and I’ve discovered that large quantities of cutting oil/machine coolant works on me like poison ivy does on most people.

Not sleeping real well lately, either.  My dreams lately have been a little too Lovecraftian around the edges to real comfortable.  Even during waking hours, things are a little hallucinatory.

One panel left to do and Fridays comic is done…added another couple of comics to the revamps. They have been going slower than I have liked because of my schedule and such.  Hopefully things wil soon resolve themselves in my favor.
It looks like my mind just came back on line…maybe it is the half a two liter of cherry coke I have just got done slamming…or it could be “Rocco” by Death in Vegas at damn near full volume on my iPod (still 4G and looking to stay that way for a little while longer at least.)  I think this energy may be temporary, but I am gonna ride it while it lasts.

Some other random thoughts…

  1. The official theme song for Requiem is “Just Another Day” by Oingo Boingo.  Listen to it, you’ll get it real quick.
  2. I am still missing my old Dell Axim PDA, though now it looks like Apple, of all people, put together an affordable replacement for me 🙂
  3. Thinking about doing another revamp preview and commentary here soon…probably gonna be University Commons and the revamped intro for Julia Wells.
  4. Need to find the rules for quoting songs in fictional works.  Like, if I have to pay a royalty rate or any of that kind of thing.  Plus proper citing rules.
  5. If the local mosquito population doesn’t begin to calm the fuck down here soon, I am going to choose the nuclear option.

At any rate, tomorrows comic is done and uploaded…and it is tobacco time and then bed for me.

…England prevails.


~ by maximkovalenko on September 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “611”

  1. “Just Another Day” was also the theme song for my Buffy game. Good call. (c:

  2. Not that I know for sure, but if you had to pay royalties, John Ringo would be screwed, as he quotes goth, metal and oldschool rock’n’roll profusely throughout his published works.

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