Random thoughts…

  1. There is just something undeniably cool about Cream’s “Badge”  Yeah, I know the lyrics don’t make any fucking sense.  I. Don’t. Care.  It just sounds fucking cool.  End. Of. Story.
  2. Great White is my guilty pleasure of the hair band era.
  3. Last night, me and came to the agreement that there will be Chinese democracy before Guns N Roses “Chinese Democracy” ever makes it to the stores.
  4. Revamp-wise, I am currently redoing the citadel at the edge of Bellisarius territory.  I am also currently losing my mind, doing the citadel at the edge of Bellisarius territory.
  5. It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you see a lady walks past you with a face that resembles something that was engraved on a shell cameo.  (  was there to see this, he can confirm)
  6. Remy Zero.  Why haven’t I heard of them before now?
  7. I find Dubai to be very intriguing lately.  What I am wondering though is whether this will end up being a sustainable community…or the biggest real estate bubble yet.
  8. It’s amazing what you can see when you are looking at something at 1800*2700 resolution.  Like a characters thumb sticking through the slide of an HK SOCOM .45 semiauto.
  9. Beck can sound pretty damn good late at night…but ya know what?  The Cowboy Junkies at that time of day can easily reach a level of sublime perfection.  Yeah, I know they aren’t hip anymore since Natural Born Killers went out of the publics eye.  I don’t care.  They are still great.
  10. It’s not that I hate hippies, and the great social movements of the sixties….it’s that too many of them didnt think about responsibility and the future along the way.
  11. I hope like hell my friend can be with the person he cares about…and that it happens sometime this year.
  12. I should have been an irresponsible bastard this weekend.  I should have made the road trip to southern Ohio and seen Loreena McKennitt perform.  Yes, I suck.
  13. Right now, I need to see a blues band.  I also need to dance.  I have no idea where the last part of this one is coming from.  It could be insanity finally beginning to claim me 😉
  14. It’s all about responsibility, and no fucking excuses for anything.

~ by maximkovalenko on October 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Random thoughts…”

  1. It’s not really GnR without Slash. Axl Rose alone does not Guns ‘N Roses make, no matter what HE thinks.

  2. That’s the truth…it’s just a shame he hasn’t realized it.

  3. That’s the truth…it’s just a shame he hasn’t realized it.

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