I’m better.  Much, much better.

No more stabby thoughts…the Joe Jackson could be what’s helping, or it could be the fact that Gateway did manage to have a replacement for my fubarred DVD Burner…or it could be the fact that I finally discovered one of my personal holy grails (the George Harrison Live In Japan album from 1990 again.)

It don’t matter though, I’m no longer homicidal at any rate.  Things will resolve themselves.

I’m feeling the big crash coming on right now, it was a hellish day, overall.  I think I spent about 11 hours straight staring at mold drawings, air poppets, waterlines and manifolds today.  I’m still seeing Autocad color numbers dancing in front of my eyes as I check the daily news and comic trawl.  Pushing myself right now, trying to knock out one of my commitments before I hit the bed.

Just got done buiiding an elevator car for a 3 panel quickie I’m putting together for Monday…Got the source files ready for a week of Clarence, Edgar and Ena…not to mention a whole hell of a lot of physics to come as well.  It’s nice to actually be dealing with something that is easy to write for a while.  The hard stuff is coming up though, but then again it always is.

Pub tomorrow night, and I may be out and about some other places this weekend.  Only know about my schedule for Saturday night for certain.  Bedtime at last for me. 

Night all….


~ by maximkovalenko on October 20, 2007.

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