I have a question…

What is this “anti-Christian agenda” I keep hearing about?

I’m not Christian, and I have no idea what my agenda is supposed to be.  Did I miss a meeting somewhere, or something?


~ by maximkovalenko on October 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “I have a question…”

  1. Wow. You’ve never actually read my LJ, have you?

    Hee hee

  2. I keep trying to convince people to torch the Vatican after epoxying shut the doors, but nobody listens.

  3. You know I thought that’s what it was…but I’ve been having a long day today and I didn’t want to assume anything 😉

    I still think I missed a meeting somewhere though.

  4. As a confirmed book addict, I’d never agree to that unless we stole their library first. Then it’d be great fun.

  5. I take what I call a “Jacobinian” attitude toward the aristocracy and clergy, and damn if the Catholic Church doesn’t want to be both.

  6. Yes, fair enough; but I still want to steal their library. Just because they deserve horrible death doesn’t mean all those poor, extremely rare and awesome books do.

  7. Point.

  8. Point.

  9. As far as I can tell (gathered from Chick tracts and certain websites) it can best be described as follows:

    God and Satan are timeless beings and therefore cause and effect are moot. Anyone who doesn’t get saved before dying is therefore a pawn of Satan, and all of their actions are subtly guided to make life as difficult as possible for those that WILL eventually chose Christ but haven’t yet.

    What is part of the Anti-Christian Agenda you asked, why everything that is done by someone who is not christian themselves. Or something like that, because some christians think other christians are ALSO part of the anti-christian agenda.

    Of course, having limited my research to information sources that I personally find to be funny, There may be other definitions that might be more valid 🙂

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