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There are only three Shakey’s pizza places east of the Mississippi River

That just sounds so wrong to me thinking back on it now.  The nearest one is in fucking Wisconsin.  I remember them still being around locally in ’93.  Hell, I remember eating in one on a Sunday night when the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship for that year.  I remember talking architecture with a friend of mine named Bob Carr while he was working his way through a schooner of Michelob Dark. 

I also remember driving us back in his ’78 Firebird at about 130mph too.  🙂


~ by maximkovalenko on October 23, 2007.

8 Responses to “Off topic”

  1. Ahh1 The good old days.`

  2. I find this's_Pizza to be sad and interesting reading.

    God, I miss the roast beef sandwiches they used to do.

  3. I was thinkg more of Bob and Midnight the super car, but I do remember Johnny, Tiller and I getting kicked out of the Shakey’s on 19 for clearing the buffet four times in about three hours.

  4. I never heard about that..The one I remember is the Applebees Ribs incident.

  5. Ahh yes. Is this the incident involving you, me, Paul, Meteru, and a three foot pile of Ribblet bones in the center of the table?

  6. I wasn’t there for that one…all of the rest of the principles were there, I think Fain was the other one. I never got into Applebees ribblets that much.

  7. I saw a teaser trailer last night for Stephen Kings “The Mist” movie.
    TRhought You would like a heads up if you didn’t already know.

  8. I caught one earlier tonight myself. I am very pleased. Incidentally, I started reading the Gunslinger comic series that they did (which covers the events during Wizard and Glass)

    It is something that you need to check out. Also the Gunslingers guidebook is a good read as well.

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