And I would just like to say…


I am sick of hearing about him.  I am sick of seeing him continuously mentioned by some moronic commenter who just has to bring the fucktard up into any unrelated conversation.

The only reason I don’t want that annoying, inbred fuck to die is because then he would become a fucking conspiracy theory and we would never stop hearing about him.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “And I would just like to say…”

  1. Who is he? People keep mentioning him and the articles they link to are so boring I can never find out who the bastard is.

  2. He’s a republican candidate for President. Far right. Anti-war and anti choice.

  3. Oh. One of them. I see.

    That’s the problem with politicians, when they die they just get more annoying.

  4. The big thing with Paul right now is that he’s getting barely any media attention…and al of his cult members are harping about some kind of media conspiracy to keep him from being any kind of practical candidate.

    If that fucker died, sure as hell burns, they would call it some kind of conspiracy.

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