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Oh, and from the Encylopedia Dramitica

How to identify a Ron Paul supporter

  • Belongs to the KKK or frequently posts on Stormfront
  • Listens to the Hal Turner Show.
  • Is on the internet 23 hours a day.
  • Lives in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, or outside of the USA, where they can be found in the basement of their parent’s house.
  • Always bitching about having to pay taxes, even while commuting to work on roads or public transit.
  • Has at least 100 sockpuppet accounts on Youtube
  • Owns more firearms than the entire country of Portugal
  • Brings at least 3 or 4 firearms to his shitty Tech Support job.
  • Cant get through reviewing the toaster he bought on without mentioning VOTE RON PAUL 2008 over 9000 times.
  • Will always refer to Ron Paul as “Dr. Ron Paul” (as if holding a medical degree somehow qualifies you to be the leader of the free world).
  • Is obese
  • Is a virgin who couldn’t get laid in Bangkok.
  • Hates Jews, Mexicans, and Blacks (mostly Jews)
  • Is a closet Nazi (unless they claim to be Libertarian or other 3rd party. Then they’re just closet Republicans.)
  • Is sixteen years old
  • Hates Leftards
  • Enjoys slapping Ron Paul bumperstickers all over random vertical surfaces
  • Lives in Europe, having no voting rights in the United States whatsoever.
  • Claims to have read the constitution but actually hasn’t.
  • Becomes emotionally distressed when someone says something remotely bad about “Dr. Paul”.
  • Spouts conspiracy theories about the mainstream media fixing polls because they’re “afraid of a Ron Paul presidency”.
  • Will accuse any detractor of hating the Constitution and hating liberty. This isn’t at all similar to how neocons label detractors as freedom-haters who hate America.

Oh, and a bunch of his fucking supporters are now using the Chuck Norris meme in relation to him.

For those Ron Paul supporters who have just entered the romm…


Spam me now you worthless morons.


~ by maximkovalenko on November 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “Partially ganked from <lj user=”yesthattom”>”

  1. Don’t forget “throws around neocons (i.e. J-E-W-S) as a pejorative.”

  2. One day some fucktard like this will get elected….. and I’ll be up in a bell tower waiting.

  3. DUDE!!! Linear Frames!!!

  4. I’ll check this out in the morning when I’m back on a broadband connection again. But this sounds like this could be very cool indeed.

  5. I’ll check this out in the morning when I’m back on a broadband connection again. But this sounds like this could be very cool indeed.

  6. I just got done checking it out…

    If they ever get past the power issues that that thing has to have, this will be some to definitely worry about in the future.

  7. I’m saving up right now to buy, not one, but two off the black market. The only thing that really bothers me is the comment towards the end. “The soldier could step out of it and it could go off on its own mission.” I HATE the idea of the autonomous robot killing machine. The choice to take life should never leave the hands of feeling beings.

  8. Yeah, but the autonomous factor could be pretty handy too…think about the frame being able to take a wounded pilot back to the medics as part of a preprogrammed command set…Heartrate/BP hits X amount and the suit drags your ass back to the doctors.

  9. That would be sweet, but the potential for the other is still frightening. I can see the argument in the Pentagon now…

    Research Scientist say’s.”Yeah we can program it so that it can take the wounded pilot back to base.”
    Four Star General O-1 “Hell just program it to shoot the bad guys. Well leave the pilots at home”

    Can take the consious out of killing. Sure, PTSD is bad, but its the price you pay for signing up to learn how to kill.

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