What’s going on, random thoughts…

Tomorrow it is going to be back to the book again…

And the other thing that I dread is going to be approaching as well: the 3-4 month re-OS is on it’s way.  Explorer.exe is starting to get a little flaky around the edges.  It’s not as much of an issue as it once was, especially with how obsessive I have become about backups over the years.  Still, I hate it with a passion.  I know a number of people have tried to get me over to the Linux side of the fence over the years…but it really isn’t an option for me from the applications side of things…(even though WINE does run C5 and Poser 6).  Drivers are a nightmare still, and I don’t feel like building my “car” from scratch, and then having every update potentially break the vehicle.

I am going to have to get a bigger external drive someday though.  The 200gb USB rig I have is starting to get a bit filled up.  With the backup files for the comic, plus Poser content files, and the backup for my music collection I’m down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40 gigs of storage left.

Cleaning out files, and old stuff right now…doing my best to duck the rest of this holiday season.  It’s incredible just how many useless files and test files I accumulate during the production process.  Overall though, things have been quiet.  And quiet is definitely good.


~ by maximkovalenko on December 25, 2007.

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