Up too damn late, listening to music and an early thaw outside.  Old
Mellencamp on the iPod right now.  “Human Wheels”, probably his best
album.  Criminally ignored.  It always sounds best late at night though.

Left shoulder grating a little too much in the socket for me to
comfortably sleep right now.  I know I should try, but I just can’t
bring myself to register in the toss and turn derby tonight.  Missy the
Wonder cat is suffering no such problems, even with the damp weather we
are currently having.  Sometimes the cats are the lucky ones.

Been pulling old stuff out of the library these last few days….coming
back to Icehouse and KD Laing….Left Banke and early Isley
Brothers….MId-period Beatles, and some occasional Doors here and
there.  Hell, Paul Young has even went across my earbuds a few times

Finally exhausted…finally not hurting…bedtime for me.

~ by maximkovalenko on January 6, 2008.

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