Preview Commentary, The Introduction of Illitock.

Iyesta Observatory:

—written while “Scenes From an Italian Restuarant” playing in the background.

Todays preview is part of the redone introduction to Illitock.

Before I go any further, I have to say that I love Illitock.  In some
ways, I think the grumpy old bug is my favorite character,  and he
looks absolutely wonderful here.  Yeah, Jessica Tindal is looking
pretty slammin’ as a friend of mine recently said, but Illitock is the

The idea of the Threllichock came about from the premise of ant farms

Years ago, I was looking at one in a science
class and I started to wonder what would happen if they evolved into
sentience. I watched them for a number of hours as they dug tunnels and
stuff and began picturing them really big…and still digging tunnels
and burrows,

Then, I wondered what would
happen if they discovered that there were other intelligent beings out
there as well. Would they continue to build? Only this time would they
build like the other beings out there…in an attempt to understand the
other creatures in their world?

That was how
a large early chunk of the Threllichock culture came about. I kept
picturing micro-cities spread throughout the empty areas of the world.
Scaled down replicas of human cities…exact to the smallest
detail…perfectly habitable…none of which were built by human hands.
A totally alien psychology, based on the concept of a former hive mind
that gained individuality. A society where memories had been passed
down through duplicated neurons to cocooned young. A society where the
concept of individuality or “singularity” has a very important meaning.

My whole understanding of hive mind psychology,
and how I wanted to integrate it into the Threllichock was heavily
influenced by one of my favorite authors: F. Paul Wilson.
People, you owe it to yourselves to check his incredible Repairman Jack
series, and the novels that are tied in with it (The Adversary Cycle). 
The inspiraton for how I pictured the Threllichock hive mind comes from
his novel “Hosts” (A Repairman Jack book).  Wilson’s influence has
wound it’s way throughout all of this work so far (as well as the man
from Providence who has been an influence on Wilson as well.) But the
Adversary Cycle though, taken in it’s entirety is an incredible piece
of work (and surpasses the Dark Tower series in a number of ways)  And
Rasalom is a bad ass.  You think Bellisarius is fucking bad, just read
about what this guy is capable of…he makes old Berand look like
fucking Mr. Rogers.

But back to Threllichock.: Threllichock speech,
native speech is a proto-Sumerian dialect that was spoken by the
original citizens of Hamoukar
(and has been distorted to their own needs and physiologies)  Of
course, due to their mouths, and teeth, they tend to speak with a
SSSSSS sound to human speech.  (Something I remember hearing a lot of
from speech therapy when I was a child)  Their writing is pictographic,
and is based off of Sumerian Cuneiform.  While scientists talk about
Sumer and it’s cuneiform, I’m shadng things a touch by putting
pictographic writing in the hands of the Hamoukar people and their
descendants in order to give the characters in my story a common
language, and a common source.  (Though with commentary I’ve seen about
things coming out of the Ubaid Period, the common source may not be a fictional conceit of the author after all 😉 )

Threllichock are matriarchal, and still have share memories and impressions through cloned neurons.  And while all sentient Threllichock sprang from Illitocks exposure to the Well of Possibilities
not all Threllichock have reached Singularity yet.  In a number of
Hives, there are still members who are part of a dwindling collective,
the last members of the Unity.

In conclusion…I abso-fucking-lutely love them.  I would give a lot to see Illitock on the big screen someday 😉


~ by maximkovalenko on January 15, 2008.

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