My name is James, and while I physically reside in the state of Indiana; my mind on the other hand, has never found this universe to be cool enough.

I am also the author of a webcomic called “Requiem”. It is at http://requiem.spiderforest.com I also do a recurring serial comic called “Tunnelrunners” for the online artistic community “Renderosity” http://www.renderosity.com

I’m the proud parent of a 10 year old feline, a pretty decent guitarist, a techie, and I look at the world with a great deal of black humor. You’ve been warned.

A lot of what you are going to find here are personal notes, and work journals concerning the comic.  In addition, you’ll find a lot of commentary about 3d artwork as well.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hi, James! Andrew Vachss’s next novel–the eighteenth and *last* Burke novel–is shipping the end of this month, and I’m trying to get word out to all those folks who were around for the beginning, and might want to see how it all ends. I see from your blog that you’ve read some of the Andrew’s novels, so … maybe you’ll want to check out ANOTHER LIFE. And anyone who has a question for Andrew can get it answered live on camera on his three(!)-hour webcast on January 14. More information at vachss dot com. Thanks!

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